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World Expos are unique celebrations that celebrate humanity and, for a few short months, bring the world together in one location. Also known as world's fairs, the largest of their kind occur every five years, attract huge exhibits from countries around the globe and bring as many as 70 million visitors. Recent sanctioned expos have hosted nearly 200 nations.

In 2010, Shanghai demonstrated that when you host the World Expo, the world comes to you to share ideas and culture, and we want to share our unique region with the world.

Sadly, the United States did not put in a bid for Expo 2020 on behalf of Silicon Valley, so we look to 2025 for a bid from the San Francisco Bay Area.

  Eiffel Tower, Paris 1889; Space Needle, Chicago 1962; China Pavilion, Shanghai 2010  

To listen to a podcast about the original Expo 2020 Silicon Valley bid, click here.

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